Reality is often uncomfortable and harsh. The majority of the people prefer to escape it than face it. So any business which helps people escape the daily reality of their life is bound to do well. This is what alcohol does, this is what a drug does, This is what Social Media does, This is …

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Product Companies are from Mars, Project based companies are from Venus.

If you are into tech, then you must have heard this debate between product-based companies and project-based companies.

Even though on the surface both are software companies but they have completely different DNA. They have a different culture and they encourage different types of habits. Members of a? product company think DIFFERENTLY than members of a service-based company.

Here are the biggest differences between them

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Simple Productivity Hacks

We are living in the age of distraction. This is also the age of knowledge workers? And the irony is that Knowledge workers are hell-bent on building products with the sole aim of robbing you of your focus. Okay, this might be exaggerated but it is a known fact that social media companies deliberately build features which are addictive by design.

You have to have to have deep focus if you want to accomplish anything positive and meaningful. I have been through the phases where I could not focus for more than 10 minutes. I slowly came up with techniques to take control of my brain and my focus. These are things which have worked for me so far :

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