About Me

Hi Guys,

My name is Ankit and I am an Entrepreneur. I am based out of Kota, Rajasthan and have built a profitable SAAS company from a third-tier city in India.

I have bootstrapped two companies to profitability. I have learned a lot in the process and I plan to share my learning through this blog.

Current Projects


This is my main focus right now. SpcieGems takes 90% of my time.

At SpiceGems, we create SAAS products to help Ecommerce Entrepreneurs across the world. More specifically, we create Shopify apps. As of now, our customer tally stands at 2000 and growing.

I started SpiceGems with Varun in October 2015. Since then we have grown steadily. It has been a challenging as well as rewarding journey. We still face challenges related to scaling of the team. I have learned a lot during these years and hope to share some of my learning via this blog.


I also run https://webriti.com. We sell wordpress theme and plugins.

Webriti also have 1000’s of customers. I started Webriti in 2011 with my partner Priyanshu. The initial days were tough but slowly we have managed to carve out a niche in the wordpress theme space.


Started OfficeBeginner in 2020. Here we cover tutorials related to MS Office and Google Suite.

Community Service

In 2017 I joined Round table India Organization. We are focused on building infrastructure at schools for underprivileged children. We have built over 6 classrooms in the last 2 years which has directly benefitted over 400 Students. Here is the Facebook page where we log our work and progress

Education and Past Experience.

I did my B Tech from IIT Mumbai. I passed out in 2005.

From 2006 to 2011 I studied at the “School of Life”. I was driven by naivety. I tried loads of things and failed at most of them.

Even though I did not achieve anything significant during these years, the experience I earned was invaluable. It helped in shaping my perspective on life and business.

Here is a list of things which I did during those 5 years.

  • Built a Home Automation System for a Canada Based Company just after passing out of college. That Company did not see the light of the day. However, I did make a decent Pocket Money from the project
  • Moved back to my native place and started a company with my relative. We created a Data Capture and Automation solution for Enterprises. We even bagged a project to install PNR Enquiry System at 3 Railway Station in UP. But sadly we realized that creating a tool and selling THAT Tool to the government are 2 different things. We ran out of money and had to shut down the company.
  • After that moved back to Mumbai and built a job board, JobYantra ( now defunct). Idea was to partner with startup blogs and target passive candidates. Secured a couple of partnerships, suffered a few roadblocks and lost motivation. Closed it down.
  • Spent 2 Months in Dubai . Consulted Dubai Based EDC on Fleet Management System. Thanks to my Seniors who trusted me with this opportunity, in spite of my past failures.
  • Consulted a Design Agency for Tata Nano Launch Website. Saw first hand the monster called Corporate Payment Cycle. It took 3 months to get the payment. It was then I decided to never pursue a Service / Consulting Business Model
  • Between all this also Prototyped a Wood-Based Gasifier. Idea was to retrofit existing diesel gensets to create gas-powered gensets. It was more of an experiment than a business venture
  • Researched and studied the PET recycling Industry. Traveled throughout the Rajasthan and met dozens of Kabadi Wallah. Again, it was more of an academic exercise


Thank you for taking the time to read this. I look forward to connecting with you.

Here is my Linked in Profile in case you want to know more about me.