Great Observation

Your choices create leverage. Your habits unleash leverage. A good initial choice (like choosing the right thing to work on or the right person to work with) can deliver 100x payoff. However, if you don’t have great habits, then great choices are just potential energy.  Ideally, you’ll have both. Great nugget of wisdom shared by James …

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Persistence is an underappreciated form on talent. Persisting for long stretch of time is not easy and people who manage to do it are rare.

Power of having the correct value systems

In this world, it is quite common to see an unhappy/unsatisfied millionaire and a happy/content beggar. Why does this happen? What makes a millionaire unhappy? Doesn’t he have a million dollars?

As humans, our happiness depends upon our value system. It depends upon the way we evaluate ourselves. Our happiness depends upon the metric on which we evaluate ourselves. The unhappy millionaire might be comparing himself to people who are wealthier than him, while the poor guy might be happy that he has enough to feed his family. The millionaire might be focusing on what he does NOT possess, while the poor might be focusing on what he actually possesses.

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